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RV LIFE – One Of Us Eats TOO MUCH!

Well, it’s true! One of us eats too much! 🙂 We actually have a low food bill when all is said and done. Although Tom is always whining about being hungry.  We make our bi-weekly Walmart run, and about once a month Costco run and then…yes, we re-package almost everything we get into single servings and freeze as much as possible. We have two individual freezers, which makes it really nice!

RV LIFE – Socializing with new friends

One of the aspects of full-time RV living that we’ve been looking forward to, is socializing with other like-minded people. People that travel and live in their RVs either full-time or as snowbirds.

Our first year on the road, we were so busy traveling and getting quickly from one place to another, we really didn’t get the chance to socialize much with our RV neighbors.

This January has been different than last year. We are plopped down for two months in one place. It’s been nice. Our first few weeks, we had poor weather. Very windy and some extremely rainy days. No one was outside. We were all hunkered down inside. Once the weather changed and was beautifully warm, we all started venturing outside, and… socializing and getting to meet our neighbors.

All of a sudden serendipity happened. A group of us neighbors “clicked” and found out that we all enjoyed each others company and we started spending time together with nightly “happy hours”, and helping one another out with ‘this n that’. The other night, there was a chili cook off hosted by the management here at Sam’s Family Spa and a group of us went to enjoy the festivities.

RV LIFE – Spilled Coffee, NO PROBLEM!

A few months back, we woke up to coffee all over the place as our automatic coffee maker had leftover coffee from the morning before. Ya see, we forgot to empty it after our morning routine.  We ground up the beans, filled the water reservoir, set the timer and went to bed.  That’s when we ended up putting it in a baking dish…well it happened again and the dish worked!


RV LIFE – Uh Oh!!! Coffee Mess!

Coffe maker in baking dish

“Lori!! Hurry!! Get out here!!” is NOT the way you want to be awoken in the morning! Well, that’s how Tom woke me up the other day. He came out of the bedroom, anxious for a nice fresh cup of morning coffee, and he found that the coffee was spilling ALL OVER THE COUNTER and the side of the cabinet and the wall! Yikes! For some reason, when I set the coffee maker up the night before, I didn’t set the coffee pot on the base the right way, therefore; the coffee came pouring out of the maker and was spilling all over the place. That’s not a fun thing to deal with even in an S&B, and in an RV, it’s even worse! We can’t have liquid pouring down the side of these thin walls and into the floor!

The rest of the weekend, Tom made me put the coffee maker in the sink at night so that when the coffee maker came on in the morning, if there were spills, it would just make a mess in the sink and not all over the kitchen counter, walls, or floor. Well, that was just a pain to do every night with moving it and resetting the clock for it to automatically come on in the morning so that we could wake to fresh brewed coffee. (I know, that sounds lazy, doesn’t it?) I had to think of something else. So, I came up with this idea; I put the coffee maker in a baking dish on the counter. This way, if there are any spills, the liquid will be contained in the baking dish. It may ruin the coffee maker, but a $30 coffee maker is certainly cheaper than new cabinets, walls, and flooring.

Now, I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that our coffee will be fresh and brewed ready for us when we get up in the morning without a giant mess and liquid damage to our little home.