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RV LIFE – Up Go The Walls Now!

Well we are now seeing quite a bit of progress on our 5th wheel as Leisure Coachworks (a division of Alfateers) in Fontana, California, is getting our kitchen slide out wall back together!

Lot’s of dry rot was discovered that evidently has been there for years, long before we purchased the rig.

One thing for sure, we are seeing first hand how these things are built and put together from the frame to the finished product!

RV LIFE – Walls Come Off Our RV!

Well now it’s time for Leisure Coachworks (a division of Alfateers) to remove our slide out wall and rebuild it due to dry rot. (dry rot that occurred before we bought the rv) It is not something that has recently developed, as it is very old dry rot, and we just happened to be the lucky ones! 🙂 You could ask, why aren’t you doing all this work yourself, Tom? You would save a lot of money. Well, that might be true, but this job is for the professionals who actually built this rig and know this rig.

Leisure Coachworks did a wonderful job on the floor of the slide, now to finish the job…let’s see how high up the dry rot goes…


Here is another update on our situation with the damage from water over the years (and from what we’ve been told, before we purchased the rv almost 4 years ago). Seems like our floor needs to be completely demo’d and replaced….We’re in great hands though, at Leisure Coachworks (A Division of ALFATEERS) in Fontana, California.


Another day at the repair shop in Fontana, California. Leisure Coachworks (A Division Of ALFATEERS) is truly taking care of us…and our little home on wheels!

It seems the dry rot that was discovered, has been there long before we owned the rv. And we’ve been in it traveling around the country for the past 2 years now. It’s a wonder that the darn floor on the kitchen slide just didn’t collapse!


RV LIFE – Green Beans, Shampoo & DRY ROT!

So we are now in week #2 of being at Leisure Coachworks (a division of ALFATEERS) in Fontana, California.

Our 5th wheel, TALOW, is in the shop getting all fixed up from water damage in the kitchen slide out that apparently has been there for years and was just getting worse and worse.   Leisure Coachworks have gone above and beyond for us during our stay.  Since we had to move out of our home and into a rental trailer during the rebuilding of our slide out, we needed a few items out of ours…