Working From The Road!

 For us, working from the road has a few different meanings. However; with that said, we need to be connected at all times.

Lori works part-time doing bookkeeping, along with making crafts and jewelry which she sells online.

Tom does free-lance voice over that consumes a lot of data along with owning a media consulting business.

Plus we also like to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, which eats a ton of data for us.

We have an arsenal of three providers on board as we travel, Verizon, AT&T along with T-Mobile. So far the only place we haven’t had ANY signal was in Mid-Missouri, out in the boonies! It was beautiful though and quite peaceful!

Our Verizon plan is actually two plans. We have our phones with the old Double-Data plan that gives us 30gigs we share (and can hotspot off the phones if needed). We also have an old Grandfathered UDP for as long as we can use it.

Someday Verizon will do away with these plans, but until that point in time, we gobble up data and enjoy it!

We acquired the T-Mobile Binge On 6gig plan (with 20gigs of rollover) just to be able to stream and watch MLB Network and our St. Louis Cardinal games! 🙂

However, now with traveling, we have discovered that T-Mobile is actually better than Verizon or AT&T in many locations, at least for us as far as speed goes.

Our AT&T plan is the Connected Car Plan with the Mobley.

It has been a true gem for us as we have also discovered that service from AT&T out west is pretty darn dependable in the places we’ve been since we got it early in 2017.  We bought the AC cord along with a USB cord, so we can always carry the Mobley with us if need be and plug it directly into the laptop for a signal. We’ve come to not use any free wifi in parks we’ve stayed in, just due to the fact that we have so much data, might as well use it!

Our private in house network is our WIFI RANGER Go2 Router Board.

We have the Elite AC outside antenna, but since we’re not looking for extended free wifi, we don’t use it at all. (Just the indoor router picks up MANY signals) We have our HP Printer routed so we can print from our phones, desktops and laptops if needed.

The connectivity devices we use on the road, work perfectly for us! Whether we’re streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or working, we love our set up!