RV LIFE – Made In The Shade

We opted to make our own! Could’ve bought one on Amazon of course, but this way it’s all part of the adventure!!!!

In some parks, we end up with the refrigerator side of our rv faces the sunny side and up go the temps!  When boondocking we always make sure the fridge side is away from the sun. So instead a purchasing a pre-made shade, we decided to save some bucks and make our own!

The you tube video explains it for ya! Thanks for coming along on our journey, and please make sure to subscribe to our you tube channel too!

RV LIFE – Saturday Coffee Chat

Here’s something new we are going to try out, a Saturday morning chat! Just a review of the previous week, stuff like where we are, what we’ve been up to, what we’re looking forward to…and even take some questions from you!  So here’s our first Saturday Coffee Chat, in our robes as we just get up and head straight for the coffee and the camera! Oh and if you have any questions, ask away on our you tube channel!


We had our washer and dryer removed from our rv. I know that sounds crazy to some people, but for us the stack-able unit just wasn’t efficient since we boondock now.  We need to conserve water AND power. So out with it! We use the ‘closet’ space now for extra storage, not extra stuff as we just moved things around a bit.  So when it’s time to do the laundry, off we go to a laundromat!  Everyone knows that sometimes you’ll open one of the lids and say “OOPS, THIS ISN’T MINE”!  Here’s how we handle that situation…

RV LIFE – Camping World and Coffee Pot Hunting

Just saying the phrase ‘CAMPING WORLD’ sometimes starts arguments, however when they offer free food, Tom is there!  So off we go for a free hot dog and to just look around at some of the rigs on the lot. It’s always fun for us to look at the newer rigs, ours is a 2005, and see what is really different.  Plus we like looking at different floor plans.  So far, we have not found another fiver that we like compared to ours! And that’s a good thing!

Plus, since we’re boondocking more, we need a real coffee pot!  We have a Mr. Coffee that we use each day. A 12 cup auto drip. So what we’ve been doing while boondocking is boiling water in a pan on the stove and then just pouring the water s l o w l y into the Mr. Coffee. We grind our own beans daily too. It would just be nice to have a percolator and do it on the fire!