RV LIFE – Socializing with new friends


One of the aspects of full-time RV living that we’ve been looking forward to, is socializing with other like-minded people. People that travel and live in their RVs either full-time or as snowbirds.

Our first year on the road, we were so busy traveling and getting quickly from one place to another, we really didn’t get the chance to socialize much with our RV neighbors.

This January has been different than last year. We are plopped down for two months in one place. It’s been nice. Our first few weeks, we had poor weather. Very windy and some extremely rainy days. No one was outside. We were all hunkered down inside. Once the weather changed and was beautifully warm, we all started venturing outside, and… socializing and getting to meet our neighbors.

All of a sudden serendipity happened. A group of us neighbors “clicked” and found out that we all enjoyed each others company and we started spending time together with nightly “happy hours”, and helping one another out with ‘this n that’. The other night, there was a chili cook off hosted by the management here at Sam’s Family Spa and a group of us went to enjoy the festivities.


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