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RV LIFE – Working From The Road

We get asked about what we do for money while we travel, well here’s your answer! We work. Well, one of us works, the other one has fun!

We consider ourselves ‘semi-retired’ and work part-time to supplement our ‘retirement money’.  Check out our video on you tube and please remember to subscribe to our channel and click the little bell to be notified each time we upload a new and fun video!


RV LIFE – Keepin’ It Real~Getting HAIRCUTS on the road!

As we go along with our daily life on the road, getting our hair cut is part of it. So when we are in Bakersfield, California, we always have our Daughter or Son-In-Law cut ours, why not? They are both hair stylists! Sure they cut ours for the ‘family’ rate, so we pay them back in other ways.  Like helping clean around their house, dinners, watching the grand-kids for them, stuff like that and it works out well for all of us! So in keeping our videos real life on the road, here ya go!

RV LIFE – Palm Springs to Boondockers Welcome to Bakersfield Drive

Come along with us on our drive from Palm Springs area as we start heading north for the spring and summer season! First stop was a new experience for us, as we joined Boondockers Welcome since we now have solar to power us along the road!  Since there was a storm with strongs winds expected we only stayed one night on our way to Bakersfield to visit with our daughter and her family.