RV LIFE – Got Propane? Got Pizza? Got Milk?

With two refrigerators in our TALOW/5th wheel, we go through about 20 pounds of propane every 6 to 6 1/2 days. We keep 4 tanks with us, and try to have at least 2 full at all times.  While staying on Tom Wells Road boondocking, it was time to head to town and fill up 2 of the tanks.

We head to Quartzsite for some propane and decided to stop for pizza at SILLY AL’S PIZZA & WINGS and then the search for fat free milk for Tom!


RV LIFE – New You Tube Friends

While staying on Tom Wells Road boondocking, we drove over to Quartzsite, Arizona to meet some fellow You Tubers…once again, new friends!

Check out their you tube pages here:

Matt & Maria

Dave & Karen

Dan & Jen Nevada

We also did a walk-a-round of the spot we’re boondocking at on Tom Wells Road outside of Erhenberg, AZ…TONS of trash scattered all over the desert! UGH! PEOPLE!!!!!! Pick up after yourself for goodness sakes!!!!!!