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RV LIFE – Home Means Nevada!

We are finally getting around to putting up our map of places/states that we have camped in over the past year and a half!

Here are all the links to most of them:

CALIFORNIA – Desert Pools


ARIZONA – Cotton Lane RV Resort – baseball





ARIZONA – Williams/Grand Canyon




TEXAS – Amarillo


TEXAS – Ft. Worth




MISSOURI – Joplin (Carthage)


ILLINOIS – Cahokia


MISSOURI – Arrow Rock


KANSAS – Manhattan


NEBRASKA – Lincoln




COLORADO – St. Vrain


WYOMING – Wamsutter






NEVADA – Austin






Cotton Lane RV Resort

Goodyear, AZ

March 20 – March 29, 2016

After our lovely and restful visit in Blythe, CA we stayed in the Phoenix area at Cotton Lane RV Resort in Goodyear, AZ.

We stayed in Goodyear so we were close to the Goodyear Stadium Ballpark to go and enjoy some spring training baseball. We wanted to be close to our home, just in case we had to hurry home. We kept an eye on the animals through our surveillance camera. Although our team is the Cardinals, we LOVE baseball, so it was fun to see other teams. The first game we went to was on March 22 and was the Cubs @ Reds. The Cubs beat the Reds 9-6. Then, the next day, we went to the Royals @ Indians and the Indians beat the Royals. We went with our dear friend, Dave and his son, David who are Indians fans. They went with us both days and we had a great time! They especially loved the Indians game since they won!

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Back-tracking here a little though to when we first arrived at the RV resort. As per our usual routine, Tom gets the “outside” stuff taken care of and I get the “inside” stuff taken care of. So, I’m bustling around getting things done and Tom comes in to the bedroom and asks, “Why is it so bright in here?” Uh oh! We lost the vent lid cover. I didn’t even notice!! Tom got up on the roof to check things out. This had never happened to us yet, so Tom was thinking the worst; that we would have to buy a whole new vent and replace the whole thing. That would mean removing the seal around it and replacing that too.  However; when I got up there, I was a little more optimistic that we might be able to just replace the cover. We took the pitiful pieces that were left down to the nearby Camping World so that we could buy another vent lid cover. Thankfully, we were able to match the hinge and got another vent lid cover and installed it easily. We are a little bummed though because the previous lid cover was dark and the new one “claims” to be dark, but isn’t from the inside. It only looks dark from the outside. Weird.

A couple days after we arrived in Goodyear, Tom started noticing that our batteries were losing their charge. They shouldn’t have though because we were plugged in with 50 amp power. So, he checked everything out and searched on forums and YouTube and deducted that our converter must have gone out. After the game  on Wednesday, the battery level was down really low and we were afraid that we were going to ruin them. We hurried to Camping World and we were 3 minutes late. Even though we had called and told them we were on our way. Luckily, we were able to find a place that was open later and got there before they closed. They had the converter we needed. The employees at the State Trailer in Peoria were great! So, by the time we got home with the part, it was dark. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone parked next to us. We were able to park in such a way that our headlights on the truck shone in the basement where we had to put the new converter. We had unloaded the basement earlier in the day and everything was under a tarp under the front of the fifth wheel. Since it was so dark, we only hooked the converter up and didn’t mount it until the next day in the daylight. The next day, the batteries were already fully charged again. Whew! Another “learning experience” taken care of.

See our video regarding our, “Issues and Learning Experiences” here:

The day after the ballgames, we went over to Dave’s house for a visit and then went out to pizza for dinner.

On Friday night, we went to my nephew, Craig’s house for dinner and a nice visit with his family, his wife, Angie, and two of their kids, Cori and Raymond. We brought Daisy with us and she had a fun time playing with their three dogs and the doggie that they were sitting for. It was a houseful of dogs! We had a great time! They were packing to get ready to move. Craig is active military and his orders in Phoenix were coming to an end and they were moving to his next assignment.

20160325_181116 20160325_201359 20160325_201453 20160325_201543

On Saturday, I wasn’t feeling too great. I wanted to feel good for our Easter Sunday plans with Dave and his family, so we just stayed home and relaxed. I think that all of the sun and the wind at the ballpark for two days had done me in.

On Sunday, it was Easter and we had a most fun time over at Dave’s parents’ house. A lot of his family came over and we enjoyed the company, the food, and the games. Tom did great at bocce ball – well, of course he did! He’s a GIAMANCO! Haha  Then, we played a race horse game. Ummm… it was really fun and I don’t think that I could even come close to explaining it to you. It’s played at the table with a wooden game set and a deck of cards. There is betting, a lot of bargaining, and a lot of hollering. All in fun though!

20160327_110503 20160327_124847 20160327_124855 20160327_154900

On Monday, we started getting things packed up for our travel day on Tuesday and just stayed at home. We did do a little walk around the resort and took some pictures to give you all a tour. It was too windy to do much of a “video”, so we just pretty much took pictures.

The Cotton Lane RV Resort is more of a very nice mobile home park with some long-term RV spaces and a few daily RV spaces. It is a 55 years and older community. They had nice facilities and a lot of activities. We didn’t get the chance to do any of the activities because we were busy with family and friends. We would have loved to have had more time to participate.

We weren’t exactly thrilled with the RV spaces as they were very narrow. If you had your awning out, it was almost touching your neighbor’s. Also, they “accept” dogs, however; the park isn’t exactly pet friendly as the dogs are not allowed anywhere except in the dog run. The dog run was a pretty good size and had a nice shade tree and a couple of chairs for you to sit in. (At the time, we thought that the dog run was kind of small until we went to a couple other RV places that had even smaller dog runs.)

Watch our video about the Cotton Lane RV Resort here.

On Tuesday, we got all packed and ready to go. However; when we went to pull the bedroom slide in, it wouldn’t come in. Uh oh, what NOW?? After a few hours of pulling our hair out and researching the problem, Tom had to manually crank the slide in with a ratchet! Oh, my gosh! That was awful!

As he was frustrated and angrily cranking and cussing, we had a “discussion” about having too much stuff. Not that “stuff” was the cause of the slide issue, but when you’re frustrated and angry, “things” come out. Sooooo, before we left, I ended up donating a TON of craft supplies. A lot of what I do in my crafting requires heavy supplies and tools. I donated it all to the people at the RV resort. It stung! However; when I received a call a couple days later from a lady named Judy at the RV resort,I felt a lot better. She called to thank me for everything. She runs a group at the resort that makes greeting cards for veterans, and for residents at the nursing homes, etc. She has a group that makes hundreds of cards a year and all of the items I donated would be put to very good use.

So, after we got the slide in and had lightened the load in the basement a bit, we were on our way to Las Vegas.

Even though we liked that the Cotton Lane RV Resort was clean and had a lot of amenities, we don’t really think that we’ll stay there again. It’s rather far from our friends and family down in the Phoenix area.


RV LIFE – Cotton Lane RV Resort Tour/PHOENIX, AZ

Spring training baseball! Oh yeah!  So we headed south to Phoenix, actually Goodyear, Arizona on the west side of Phoenix.  We went to see the Indians, Cubs, Reds, and World Champion Royals at Goodyear Stadium.  Had a blast!  We had time over a week and a half to see some relatives, visit with friends, spend Easter with some very close friends and play Bocce Ball and of all things, THE HORSE RACE GAME!  That game will have to be a video all on its own!

Check out our tour of the park we stayed at in Goodyear.