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Another day at the repair shop in Fontana, California. Leisure Coachworks (A Division Of ALFATEERS) is truly taking care of us…and our little home on wheels!

It seems the dry rot that was discovered, has been there long before we owned the rv. And we’ve been in it traveling around the country for the past 2 years now. It’s a wonder that the darn floor on the kitchen slide just didn’t collapse!


RV LIFE – Green Beans, Shampoo & DRY ROT!

So we are now in week #2 of being at Leisure Coachworks (a division of ALFATEERS) in Fontana, California.

Our 5th wheel, TALOW, is in the shop getting all fixed up from water damage in the kitchen slide out that apparently has been there for years and was just getting worse and worse.   Leisure Coachworks have gone above and beyond for us during our stay.  Since we had to move out of our home and into a rental trailer during the rebuilding of our slide out, we needed a few items out of ours…



Well, about all I can write in this blog, is watch this video.

It is just the beginning of what we are going through right now in Fontana, CA at Leisure Coachworks (a division of ALFATEERS)….water is not our friend. And it wasn’t us, as this has been here a long time, before we purchased the rig…

RV LIFE – Lee Vining Droppings!!!

Funny story…have you ever been driving along a highway, glanced into your passenger side mirror and noticed one of your basement/storage bay doors flapping in the wind???  Well we did just that, going through Lee Vining, California on Highway 395!  Check out our vlog below for the info…oh yea, all on our way to the fix it shop in Fontana, California.  Time for a TALOW check up!