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RV LIFE – Back That Thang Up!

The 5th wheel is not hooked up, but when you can back up the truck like this, it won’t be long until Lori is parking the RV! 🙂

RV LIFE – Rocks Seals Grills

An odds and ends kinda day!  Lori, Eggi and Kat are painting rocks! Found some unique looking small rocks and decided to paint them, some red, white and blue for the July 4th holiday.

Had a couple subscribers to the our blog and on RVilliage ask what we used for sealing up our cracks.

Another question from a  youtuber (Mike) wanted to know about the grill we use in our travels.

RV LIFE – Sealing Up Our Cracks!

I’m always checking our slide seals along with all the places there is any kind of sealant on the rv.


And now is the time to re-seal lots of places on the rv.

RV LIFE – Laundry Day/ What’s Behind Door #1?

Laundry day doesn’t come all that often around our house anymore. With Tom not working 8-5, it’s only jeans and shorts and t-shirts now for both of us.

We have a washer/dryer stacked unit in our rv, however it’s just not that efficient for our needs.  So, we’re looking to make room!

RV LIFE – Camp-hosting With Friends!

Another of Toms friends from the radio world stopped by to see us at #Tollbridgepark, Jaye Albright of Albright, OMalley & Brenner a radio consulting group.

We have a wonderful visit. Jaye actually full-timed in a Class C RV for about 3 years, so it was doubly fun to share stories with her!

Watch along as we took Jaye on our rounds through the park!