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RV LIFE – Tom Wants To Grease What???

Tom is pretty much the most mechanically challenged person.  When I met him, he had a screwdriver and a “Toby Keith” hammer in what he called his toolbox. Me? I have all kinds of tools…and most days no matter where we are if someone needs something, I probably have it on me or nearby.

So, when it came time to repack the wheel bearings on the 5th wheel, we hired someone to come to Toll Bridge Campground and do it for us. Tom says he ‘learned’ how to do by watching, and that the next time he’ll give it a go….oh boy.

RV LIFE – We’re Now A Cartoon! (caricatures)

While camp-hosting this spring and summer at Toll Bridge Park Campground in Mt. Hood, Oregon, we got to meet some pretty darn interesting folks!

Mark Siermaczeski is one in particular! He is “Cruelty-Free Cartoonshttp://www.crueltyfreecartoons.com/
We cannot pile on enough praise for Mark. He is truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND! Here are a few of the pics from Mark’s site as an example:







And of course, our favorites:



Check out his website (http://www.crueltyfreecartoons.com/) and see for yourself! Hope you enjoy this video, and if so please make sure to comment and like and share it too!

Mark’s website: http://www.crueltyfreecartoons.com/

Here’s our video of Mark ‘doing us’.  We did this too late in the day, and darkness took control!

RV LIFE – We Found Our Trail!

Welcome to the Dumbell Trail! 🙂 Up the road to Mt. Hood!  Here’s our look-see at the Timberline Lodge!


Our first camp-hosting job is complete! This has been a wonderful and fun experience. Toll Bridge County Park in Mt. HoodParkdale, Oregon has been our home for the past three and a half months. We’ve met some wonderful folks that have passed through on their way this spring and summer.

We have several videos about our time camp-hosting here which we will link in the top right corner of this video. And by the way, this video is just all about the beauty of this park. The trees, the flowers, the river…the park.

We can’t thank our new friends Bob and Kat, enough for bringing us to this beautiful area! So with that, enjoy the video of Toll Bridge Park and Northern Oregon as she sits in the shadow of Mt. Hood.


One of the worst things is not having hot water when you are so used to just turning on the tap and BOOM! There it is. HOT WATER! Well, Tom decided to drain and clean our 10 gallon Atwood Hot Water Tank, you know, give it a good flushing. Well he did just that…