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We are finally getting our solar installed! Once again HUGE thanks to our friends, Myron & Becky of #canucksonwheels, this would not have been possible for us to accomplish this year!  Here’s the first video of the install as we (MYRON)get it done!!  We made our own brackets, ran the wire, drilled the holes, plugged the holes, attached the battery ends to the cables, installed four new deep cycle 6-volt batteries…well you get the picture. #rvlife #canucksonwheels

RV LIFE – All Better Now! New Project???

WHEW! That was, uh, fun? We finally have it all fixed. We hope. Three plus weeks on the lot/service bays of Leisure Coachworks (a division of Alfateers) in Fontana, California in October and early November, then another two weeks of fixing a few other items ourselves, make that, with the help of our great friends Myron & Becky – Canucks On Wheels!

Now where do we go and what do we do? Headed south! And our next BIG project for us…#rvlife #rvlifestyle